Nawaz Sharif, Global Warming and SAFMA


Thinking about environment sitting in Pakistan is an idea which does not come to mind generally. And thinking about environmental aspect of global warming on Pakistan and linking it to the whole subcontinent is just a novel approach. This approach has recently been shown by Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, chairman of biggest political party of Pakistan ‘Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN)’ and former prime minister of Pakistan. This person does not make me stop wondering about his capabilities. The part of his speech during South Asian Free Media (SAFMA) conference, which specially took my attention was when he said following words:

“It is not only the people of this region who are yearning for peace; nature itself is pointing to the need for such a course of action. The manner in which climate change has transformed the environment and impacted on glaciers on the Himalayas, the Karakoram and Hindu Kush mountains, which feed the mighty rivers, has highlighted the urgency of cooperation in the region to monitor the glaciers and scientifically study the monsoon patterns,”

Now this is a totally new aspect which no political party of Pakistan has yet considered – the environment. And seeing this whole new and vital topic of environment as a subcontinental topic rather than just a national issue is a thing extraordinaire.




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PAEC Contribution to Cancer Treatment in Pakistan

When Shan said that patients should get themselves checked up at some cancer hospital like Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital (SKMCH) and …. and he could not find another name, then the doctor had to cut in and said:

I want to tell you that:

1. Pink Ribbon (an international symbol of breast cancer awareness) is collaborating with Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (and not with SKMCH).
2. Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) is running 16 cancer hospitals all over Pakistan.
3. PAEC has hospitals even in small cities of Pakistan.
4. PAEC has state of the art technology
5. PAEC has expert doctors
(and on top of that)
6. They provide a very subsidized treatment.

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December 18, 2012 · 6:36 am

Most Important 3 Features of Taxation System in Pakistan & What is ‘Tax Returns’?

These days taxes paid by politicians are a hot topic in Pakistan and after recent work by journalist Mr. Umer Cheema on politicians’ tax returns, bashing politicians on taxes has become talk of the town. But it is sad to note that not only common public but also people of knowledge like Mr. Umer Cheema does not know the basics of taxation system in Pakistan while targeting politicians. There are usually three most important features of taxation system of Pakistan, which we ignore when we discuss how much tax has been paid by a person:

1. If you have a company registered in your name and you pay tax on behalf of that company, you do not need to pay tax on your income as a person. For example if I have a company ‘Majid Enterprises’ and Majid Enterprises pays taxes than Majid as a person does not need to pay tax.
Example: Almost every parliamentarian who has its own business and every businessman Pakistani. This is one of the reason many politicians’ tax returns are showing negligible taxes or not any tax at all because they are paying taxes from their companies as per the rules of FBR which is completely legal and permitted.

2. Another very important law is that if a person having a salary from abroad no matter if s/he is living in Pakistan or abroad, is exempted from taxes inside Pakistan. You do not have to pay a single paisa tax even if your salary is 10 million Rs. per month. This principle was implemented by Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in his first govt., when Pakistan liberalized its economy. Pakistani banks used to cut tax from foreign remittances. Principle behind this law is simple. It is the duty of that country to deduct taxes where one is getting salary from. Pakistan has no right to deduct salary when one’s company transfers one’s salary to Pakistan from abroad. Bringing foreign reserves to Pakistan is already a great job by that person and hence no tax should be deducted by Pakistani bank as a token of gratitude and to motivate one’s action of bringing foreign reserves to Pakistan. So if a person is doing job in a UAE company while sitting in Pakistan and getting his salary from UAE directly in his account in Pakistan,  Pakistani bank is not allowed to cut any taxes from his salary.

Example: Sen. Ishaq Dar of Pakistan Muslim League N working as finance consultant for Govt. of Abu Dhabi.
Note: Sen. Ishaq has been minister of finance under PMLN govt. and he had proposed the concept of ‘wealth tax’ to get a better measure of taxation. The law was later abolished by the subsequent govt.’s to get sympathies (nobody likes paying tax) to support anti-PMLN activities.
3. There is no agriculture tax. So even if you earn multitude of money, you do not need to pay taxes on your agriculture income.
Example: Many politicians in general and mostly PPP parliamentarians.
What is ‘Tax Returns’?
There is another important feature which is ‘Submitting tax returns’. According to constitution of Pakistan every earning Pakistani must have an NTN (National Taxation Number) and should submit ‘tax returns’. But note that submitting tax returns does not mean that you have to pay tax. For example if you fall on any of the three categories above, you do not need to pay any tax.
So when we discuss politicians’ taxes, we must keep in mind above points. Filling and filing tax return is a different thing; paying tax is different. If a person files tax returns but does not pay tax, he is fulfilling his duty. There may not be any tax showing on your tax return but there could be multitude of money being paid as taxes by your company.
Loop Holes:
1. According to point no.1, you do not liable to pay tax If you pay tax through your company. This is a very nice clause and one of the brilliant feature of ‘economic reforms’ brought by Mian Nawaz Sharif, but we know that Pakistani system is very much overwhelmed by corruption. So the taxes which should be paid during your business processes are usually paid in much less amount than required under the laws of FBR due to prevailing corruption.  It is very difficult to get rid of corruption. Recently Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has suggested to lower the amount of taxation (Only high tax percentages) to motivate tax payers to pay original tax and not to use unlawful means to avoid taxes.
2. Many people say that there should be agriculture tax.


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Mr. Mahathir Muhammad praises Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

Mr. Mahathir Muhammad praises Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

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Zaghon Ke Tasarruf Mein Auqabon Ke Nasheman!

DISCLAIMER: This is a copy-paste. Original post can be found here




Baghi Mureed
Disciples In Revolt

Hum Ko To Mayassar Nahin Mitti Ka Diya Bhi
Ghar Peer Ka Bijli Ke Charaghon Se Hai Roshan

Not a rushlight for us,—in our Master’s
Fine windows electric lights blaze!

Shehri Ho, Dahati Ho, Musalman Hai Sada
Manind-e-Poojte Hain Kaabe Ke Barhman

Town or village, the Muslim’s a duffer—
To his Brahmins like idols he prays.

Nazrana Nahin, Sood Hai Peeran-e-Haram Ka
Har Kharqa-e-Saaloos Ke Andar Hai Mahajan

Not mere gifts—compound interest these saints want,
In each hair‐shirt a usurer’s dressed,

Meeras Mein Ayi Hai Inhain Masnad-e-Irshad
Zaghon Ke Tasarruf Mein Auqabon Ke Nasheman!

Who inherits his seat of authority
Like a crow in the eagle’s old nest.


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A Great Message by Two Great Leaders of the World Nawaz Sharif and Barack Obama

A Great Message by Two Great Leaders of the World Nawaz Sharif and Barack Obama

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4 Years vs 2 Years Bachelors

4 Years vs 2 Years Bachelors

Above link is a proof of my Struggle to implement 4 Years Bachelors Across the Board in Pakistan. I first pointed out this matter in 2005 to honorable Dr. Atta Ur Rahman, the then chairman of Higher Education Commission, Pakistan. He acknowledged my point of view and appointed Dr. Inayat sb to resolve this issue. Later they reformed their scholarship criteria as per my suggestion.
Later I pointed out this matter to many notables in the country and consequently, PMLN’s Punjab government discarded 2 years bachelors and implemented 4 years bachelors across the board.
Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamaeen!

We Must Strive!

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Behtar hai ki is bazm se uTh aaiye Mohsin; sarqe ko jahaan rutba-e-ilhaam diyaa jaaye

Behtar hai ki is bazm se uTh aaiye Mohsin; sarqe ko jahaan rutba-e-ilhaam diyaa jaaye

Ghazal by Mohsin Bhopali – Ham maslahat-e-waqt ke qayal nahiiN yaro…
Taken from

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Why do I not want to join PTI?

After 10 years of Musharraf’s illegal govt, people has started taking interest in politics again particularly young ones. Arrival of Imran Khan particularly after his 30th Oct 2011 jalsa, has become talk of the town. A lot of people ask why you do not support PTI. Most of these people are those who have never been attached to any party nor do their elders. Imran Khan and PTI look a reasonable and progressive political party to them to join and support but not to me. Here are my reasons for not supporting PTI:

  • If you are already attached to a party, there is no reason to attach with another party unless you find something better in other party or something worse in your party. So if one is attached to PMLN, why one should leave PMLN and join a new party?
  • PMLN is the right wing party; PTI is also the right wing party. This is not the time to divide right wing vote. If PTI is opposing PMLN, it is not going to benefit anyone except left wing forces.
  • Nawaz Sharif is a great leader which has done great things for the country and potentially can do many and eventually put us on the path of prosperity.
  • Pakistan is a complex country. Everyone is standing on an extreme side. Governing it, is not easy, let alone doing development. PMLN has the potential to keep the country united and keep on doing development.
  • Economy is the backbone of every country or even every house. PMLN not only believes that Pakistan’s stability is only possible with economic stability but also they have a great vision about economy and they have already implemented them in the forms of infrastructure development, economic reforms, banking reforms etc in their earlier govts. Their program Vision2010 in 1998 could not be implemented because their govt was overthrown by dictator Pervez Musharraf.
  • PTI comes riding on the shoulders of establishment.
  • PTI is hypocrite. Everybody knows establishment is the cause of almost all the evils in our country but they never talk about them.
  • Looking at PTI actions right from its birth till date it clearly shows that PTI is still naive and has not matured. Their actions are immature and God forbid, if this party comes into power, they could potentially make horrible mistakes which would lead us to destruction (God forbid).
  • Is change only existed in becoming Prime Minister? When someone wants to do positive things for the country by becoming a politician, it is not compulsory that one should start only as Prime Minister. Imran Khan was offered positions by Nawaz Sharif in his govts. He could have made changes in his respective roles.
    • He could have become a sports minister and could have eradicated the gambling once and for all from cricket. He could have made Pakistan a forever cricket world cup champion by using his expertise. He could have brought changes in other sports like football etc.
    • He could have become an education minister and could bring educational revolution.
    • He could have become environmental minister and could have made Pakistan a Green country and so on and so forth.
    • He could have become a symbol for all other ministers to be followed by doing his work honestly and with efficiency which could also proved his capabilities as a future Prime Minister.
    • But he did not accept any position. Was he incapable or not honest to the people?
  • He has been MNA of his constituency. What changes has he brought?
    • Has he brought education revolution in his constituency?
    • Is every child of his constituency going to school?
    • Is poor living happily with prosperity in his constituency?
    • Are patients not suffering due to excellent (or even appropriate) health facilities?
  • From last 16 years he is fighting someone else’ war. He is not sincere to himself let alone to the nation. He has done all evils in his life. He has spoken lies. He has gambled. He is even accused of having sex out of wedlock and having a daughter from it which he is not interested to deny.
  • I begged from people while collecting money for SKMCHRC (Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center). But in my life I could never even imagine to enter the gates of his hospital (yes ‘his hospital’, there is nothing which I can associate with ‘his hospital’). SKMCHRC’s fees are beyond the power of my pocket. I had an injury on my knee during playing and doctor suggested me MRI and CT Scan. I was told SKMCHRC has good machines. When I checked about the charges, one test was more than my one month salary! When Imran Khan was asking that he is building a hospital, I could never have imagined, it would serve a special class rather than beneficial for a common man.
  • I am not sad that I begged for once in my life for Imran Khan and I am rather happy that I helped someone in building a hospital, but really that was his goal where a moderately earning man cannot even enter? Do I need to show my orphanage certificate signed by a dozen of people to get some free (rather subsidized) treatment? I am poor but I am not ready to sell my honor. I will not enter SKMCHRC if it requires money.
  • Recent accusations by Hanif Abbasi that board of directors of SKMCHRC is drawing hefty salaries and the accusation of Khwaja Asif that donation money is being used for gambling and illegal investments, has made me really sad. I was desperately wishing that Imran Khan will go to court to deny these horrible accusations but till date he has not. Is this the outcome for which I took the bowl in my hand in Shabab Chowk Samanabad in 1996?
  • People say Imran Khan  has made Namal college as his educational achievement. Does making Namal college mean, poor people of his constituency are going to schools? I have not any knowledge of Namal college but looking at his SKMCHRC drama, I think Namal is also his money making technique.
  • May be people can ignore it, but it is really horrible being a Muslim that your off springs are being brought up in an environment which has everything but Islamic culture and Islamic values. Imran Khan wants to bring change in the lives of 200 million people, but not able to keep his sons with him to learn Islamic values and Islamic culture (or even Pakistani values and Pakistani culture for those who do not want to listen to the name of Islam). Does he not want to keep them with him and let them brought up in an un-Islamic environment which is potentially harmful to their future beliefs regarding Islam or he himself does not follow any Islamic value?

Comparing PMLN and PTI I am not willing to join PTI. I am happy with my leader Nawaz Sharif and I believe he can put Pakistan on the right path Insha’Allah.

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October 19, 2012 · 11:58 pm

Dahar ke Gam se hua rabt to ham bhool gaye; Saru qaamat ki javaani ko qayamat likhna

aur sab bhool gaye harf-e-sadaqat likhna
reh gayaa kaam hamara hi baghavat likhna

laakh kehte rahe zulmat ko na zulmat likhna
ham ne seekha hi nahin pyaray baa_ijazat likhna

na silay ki na sitaaish ki tamana ham ko
haq main logon ke hamari to hai aadat likhna

ham ne jo bhool ke bhi shaah ka qasida na likha
shayud aya isi Khubi ki badaulat likhna

us se barh kar meri tehseen bhala kya hogi
parh ke na-khush hain mera sahib-e-sarvat likhna

dahar ke Gam se hua rabt to ham bhool gaye
saru qaamat ki javaani ko qayamat likhna

kuch bhi kehte hain kahen shah ke masahib ‘Jalib’
rang rakhna yehi apna, isi soorat likhna

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